Universal Relay Diversion Controller-Basic Model Board Only 1URDC-12-B

Universal Relay Diversion Controller-Basic Model Board Only 1URDC-12-B
Universal Relay Diversion Controller-Basic Model Board Only 1URDC-12-B
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MODEL 1URDC-Basic 12V (Board Version 1.2.X)
For both EMR’s (ElectroMechanical Relays)
and SSR’s (Solid State Relays)
2-STAGE charging using SSR'S
For Wind, Solar and Hydro
(See manual for use with different voltage LA Batteries)
The Universal Relay Diversion Controller/Regulator is a low cost, Microprocessor controlled Diversion/Dump type controller designed for the DIY (Do It Yourselfer). It is designed to switch up to 8 conventional automotive style electromechanical relays (EMR) directly with up to 1.25A total coil current draw with up to 320A power handling capability.
Also unlike other controllers of this type of design, it will also control DC-DC Solid State Relays (SSR) in Legacy/Conventional (Dump) diversion mode or use a much more efficient 2-Stage charge algorithm including a manual Equalization mode. It is theoretically able to directly switch up to 50 SSR's at 25ma each (untested). If using just 40 amp SSR's that adds up to a potential 2000A (4000A using 80 amp SSR's) power handling capability.
To keep cost down, this controller was designed for the DIY (Do It Yourselfer) and is the BOARD ONLY and does not include an enclosure. It can be mounted directly on a wall in an area protected from the environment or in an Optional or user supplied enclosure. To keep cost down and prevent unnecessary waste this manual is available in PDF format only (just printout what you need). The latest version of this manual is Free for DOWNLOAD HERE 1URDC_Basic_Manual.pdf from WindAndSunPower.com Please download and read before purchasing.
  • The ability to Directly Switch up to 8 Electromechanical or 50+ DC-DC Solid State Relays
  • Legacy Dump/Diversion/On-Off (Electromechanical or Solid State Relays)
  • 2-Stage - Dump/Diversion (using 20ms on - 20ms off or faster SSR's Only)
  • Manual Equalization Mode (using 20ms on - 20ms off or faster SSR's Only)
  • Preset Equalization Voltage Set-point (15.05 to 15.45 Volts using SSR's Only)
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption (≤10ma)
  • Accurate Battery Voltage Tracking (±0.02% Internally)
  • Switching Speeds Up To 25 On-Off Cycles Per Second When Using SSR's (≤25Hz)
  • User Settable Dump/Diversion/On-Off Set-point (13.1 to 15.5 Volts in 0.05V increments)
  • The Ability to Divert/Dump 1.25A Directly for Very Small Systems
  • Microcontroller Controlled
  • Latest SMT (Surface Mount Technology) for Compact Size and Improved Performance
  • Bi-colored LED Status Indicator
  • Relay Power/Active LED Indicator
  • Test/Equalization Button
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Transient/Lightning/Surge Protection
Min. Operating Volts
Max. Operating Volts
30 VDC
Nominal Operation Voltage
Power Used Max.
≤ 10ma
Power Sunk Max.
-1.25A Max. @ 60C Ambient Temperature
Dump Voltage Adjustment Range
13.1 to 15.5 Volts in 0.05V increments @ 23C
Equalization Voltage Preset Range
14.05 to 14.45 Volts @ 23C
Battery Voltage Regulation
(High/Low Volts Using EMR's)
± 6% ± 0.93V
(This specification can fluctuate due to system variables and design)
Battery Voltage Regulation
(High/Low Volts Using SSR's)
±0.2% ±0.04V or less Typical @ 23C
(This specification can fluctuate due to system variables and design)
Status LED Accuracy
±0.02% or less Typical @ 23C
Internal Battery Voltage Tracking
±0.02% or less Typical @ 23C
Automotive style ElectroMechanical Relays
1 up to 8
30 to 40 Amp
with 12VDC coil
Solid State Relays
2-Stage & Equal
DC-DC 1 to 50?
≤20ms On or less
≤20ms Off or less
EMR Operating Frequency
Dump Volt Setting
Min. 6 Sec. On
Min. 0.02 Sec. Off
SSR Operating Freq.
Min. 0.02 Sec. On
Min. 0.02 Sec. Off
≤25Hz(On+Off 25 x Sec.)
Operating Temp.
Storage Temp.
-20°C to 50°C
-50°C to 150°C
50 mm x 49 mm
(2.95 in. x 3.93 in.)
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Made in USA-Components Made in Rest of World
WindAndSunPower.com Model 1URDC-B is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. Failure to provide correct installation, operation or care for this product, in accordance with the instruction manual, will void the warranty. Product liability shall be limited to repair or replacement at the discretion of the manufacturer. The manufacturer is not responsible for the labor or other charges necessitated by the removal, transportation, or re-installation of any defective product. Warranty does not cover damage due to, mishandling, abusive conditions, lightning or exposure to weather. No specific claim of merchantability shall be assumed or implied beyond what is printed in this manual. No liability shall exist from circumstances arising from the inability to use this product, or it’s inappropriateness for any specific purpose. In all cases it shall be the responsibility of the customer to insure a safe installation in compliance with local, state and national electrical codes.

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