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I am a Authorized Distributor for BZ Products.

I operate this website part-time as a hobby out of my home and have no physical store to browse through. I check email and process orders every morning Monday thru Friday. Orders paid for with PayPal and USPS Money Orders will be processed upon receipt, orders paid for with checks and all other MO's will have a 10 buisness day waiting period. I accept international orders. International and large/heavy (over 70 Lbs.) orders email me for a shipping quote. All buyers are responsible for tariff's and taxes in their state/country! If you have any questions please contact me! Also, all communications are handled through the internet/email.

To the Parasitic Governments and polititians who seek to tax us more without representation to fund wars, world domination and personal gain. I barely eak out a living after paying all the taxes, fees and costs as it is. (I Do pay sales Taxs on most components I use and items I resale as I Do Not claim buisness tax exemptions!)   Further taxation of us poor folk will accomplish nothing except putting us on the street and/or force us onto welfare, neither of which I have any desire for whatsoever!

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