Charge Algorithms

This Page is Dedicated to try to Explain the Differences Between 2, 3 and 4-Stage Algorithms and Try to Help You to Decide Which One is Right for Your System.
The 2-stage charge algorithm which works for most active systems (systems that are used every day and while charging) that don't produce a large excess of power. Systems that generate an excess or that are not used regularly should use a 3 or 4-stage controller. 3-stage MPPT you have a choice for $500 and up of Xantrex, Outback and Apollo the last I checked. Something the Manufactures don't tell you is that, dependent upon Components, Size, Use, etc, unless it is designed by a Pro, that it's up to you to figure out and decide on which controller and which algorithm is best for your system and how it's used, whether it be a 2, 3 or 4-stage.
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